Cranberry Sauce

When I was young, all I knew of cranberry sauce was that it was slightly jiggly, shaped like a can, and could be cut with a butterknife into jelly-like slices. We had it once a year, on Thanksgiving at my Mammaw’s house, where it sat, untouched, beside the asparagus casserole on my styrofoam plate.  I … More Cranberry Sauce

No, Actually it’s Not Time to Stand Together Behind Donald Trump

Since Wednesday morning, when most of the world woke up to the shocking news that Donald Trump had secured the highest office in the nation, I’ve been reading and hearing cute little phrases like “It’s time to lay aside our differences,” “No matter if your candidate won or lost, we must respect the office and … More No, Actually it’s Not Time to Stand Together Behind Donald Trump

On Bravery

Last week, the kids and I took one of those Buzzfeed quizzes to find out which Hogwarts house we’d be in if we lived in Harry Potter World. Contrary to my prediction, Noah did not end up in Slytherin, but in Ravenclaw. Well, ok, he is really smart, I’ll concede. Violet was a Gryffindor. I … More On Bravery

Well, Depression

I wrote this a couple of months ago, and I’ve had really good days for quite awhile. It was therapeutic to write it and I didn’t feel like I needed to post it, because it was just for me. But yesterday I started feeling this bullshit again, and it hasn’t gone away yet today. I … More Well, Depression

Dear One

I think of you every day, every single day. So much reminds me of you; you’re in my little things and my big ones, too. Almost every memory I have is tainted by you; those that aren’t make me think of you simply because I want to share them with you. Your voice is in … More Dear One